4 Reasons Your Business Cannot Afford a Bad Admin

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced the weighty impact of working with an incompetent team member. But what happens when that team member is an integral part of your team? Everything has the potential to fall apart, that’s what!

Having a strong administrative professional on your team is the epitome of having access to premium oil in a well-oiled machine. They help your processes run more smoothly with fewer hiccups and better prepare you for any obstacles or setbacks you may encounter. With that said, it’s essential to beware of any and all red flags you may observe while working with an admin professional who is not reliable and fully equipped to serve you well.

Here are some red flags and potential consequences to look out for:

1. Lacking Proper Planning and Schedule Control. An administrative professional who has displayed a pattern of missing project deadlines, overlooking critical choices which have poorly impacted business opportunities, and has a bad reputation among their peers can pose a danger to your brand and professional reputation. A confident, well-organized professional with experience in external-facing partnerships with your existing and potential clients is critical for your company’s daily operation and advancement. There is no time in the day for anyone to be micro-managing their admin.

2. Untrustworthiness and Lacking the Desire to Double-Check Their Work. An administrative professional who fails to deliver on their promises, exceed your client’s expectations, and ensure their output is optimal detracts from your vision while soiling your brand. Instead of relieving your time-consuming tasks, they are adding to your plate by creating more work and stress on your end. A poised professional is ready to take on whatever tasks you assign, due to effective organization skills, reliability, and productivity. They are confident in their output because they’ve taken the pride and diligence to ensure it is error-free.

3. Lacking Self and Social Awareness. In today’s oversaturated market, there is no room for disrespecting your client’s time or failing to exceed client expectations. There is always another business willing to meet your clients’ needs. This is why setting your business apart with world-class service is essential. As the face of your customer service and onboarding experience, an administrative professional is responsible for creating a warm environment for your existing and potential clients. They are amicable, consistently anticipate the needs of you and your clients, and keep your business running efficiently so you can focus on growing your business.

4. Failure to Sustain Thriving Team and Business Morale. When seeking to add an administrative professional to your team, you should first consider their disposition, temperament, and morale. This person will act as the frontline of your business and will likely interact with your client or employees, in some capacity, almost daily. Whether that means answering phones, responding to emails and social media inquiries, booking travel, placing purchase orders, or planning internal and external meetings. As they support you, your clients, and your team on an ongoing basis, their attitude and mannerisms will impact your team and work environment. Ensure the person in this critical role is equipped with the emotional intelligence necessary to positively shape the experience of those around them.

If you have noticed any of these red flags, it is important to address them with your admin right away to ensure their lack of adequacy does not impact your business or future opportunities. If you are in need of administrative support, our team of experienced professionals is more than happy to support your needs at Hamilton Raye. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and learn more about accelerating your business.

4 Reasons Your Business Cannot Afford a Bad Admin
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