6 Common Time Consumers That Are Disrupting Your Daily Routine (And How to Gain it Back)

In today’s fast-paced world, one missed opportunity can really cost your company. Despite our best intentions, time just slips – and sure, we can blame distractions and obligations. But by identifying those “evils” that steal our time, we are better equipped to prioritize an efficient daily routine, to then recapture control of the clock.

When you take a closer look at the daily routine of successful people, there’s a formula involved for quality of life improvements. We’ve identified six common culprits of time theft, and some proven strategies that will help you better manage your day. By identifying and taking steps to remove the threat from your daily routine plan, you’ll take the first step toward a more organized and fulfilling quality of life.

1. Procrastinating Quick Tasks.
It’s human nature to put off what isn’t exciting. But it’s those simple tasks that add up without realizing it, until it’s a mountain of little things that eat up time and cause overwhelm and stress. What should have taken a few minutes expands into hours of work. Think of those smaller tasks as mental energy and tell yourself, you’re wasting it by overthinking and avoiding. Make a commitment to tackle the quick tasks right away by setting aside just a few minutes in your daily routine schedule. The clutter will clear up, and you’ll feel better equipped to focus on the items that excite you.

2. The Social Scroll.
With all the apps and access, social media is quickly becoming a villain of time management. Human interaction and connection with others is far more satisfying and productive than staring at your phone screen, Make a point to put down the phone and schedule time with a friend or business contact – both are great quality of life improvements. Productivity apps that block or restrict the amount of time you spend on social media can be a great tool for sticking to your goals of less.
You’re weekly screen time report will become a source of pride, when you realize how much more you’ve accomplished while not scrolling through your daily routine schedule.

3. Binge-Watching Boredom.
There’s nothing wrong with catching up on your favorite TV shows as a means to unwind from a long day, but moderation is key. If you’re missing out on other means of self-care, such as in-person time with friends, exercise, hobbies, or even sleep – you’re losing out on quality time that you’ll never get back. The deficit will carry into the next day, because you’re tired or playing catch up from tasks that should’ve been finished already.

4. Clutter at Home and Work
We all have that one drawer, sure – but we can’t let the junk take over our living, work, and mental spaces. Disorganization causes confusion, stress, and even anxiety. Being able to give everything in your home a proper place, clears out the clutter literally and figuratively. You’ll often hear in the daily routine of successful people, a focused effort to stay organized leads to optimized time management. You’re not wasting time looking for lost items, missing deadlines due to forgotten tasks, or stressing about the mess. Give yourself the gift of optimized mental and physical space by clearing out, simplifying, and staying organized.

5. Haphazard Daily Routine
Being able to multi-task is essentially a must, in today’s world. Everything moves fast, and we need to be able to adapt and adjust in order to tackle both home and work. But the secret to effective multitasking is this: plan ahead. This will help you see what’s coming, and strategize a roadmap that is productivity focused. Taking a few minutes each day to look at the upcoming week, or even just the next day, is a great way to start. You’ll have an outline to work from, so when the unexpected inevitably shows up, you’ll feel more in control and capable of handling the situation. Some daily routine examples include: meal planning, carpool organization, or even just setting the alarm clock for exercise class.

6. Too Much “Yes.”
It’s okay to know your limits. And sometimes, we have to say no in order to respect them. It might feel like yes means you’re a team player, but having too much on your plate and overwhelming yourself serves no one. If a mundane, time-consuming task tries to sit in the middle of your hectic calendar, don’t be afraid to give it the boot. Delegate when necessary to ensure you have the time to complete critical tasks. And yes, time for yourself and your family qualifies as a critical task.

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6 Common Time Consumers That Are Disrupting Your Daily Routine (And How to Gain it Back)
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