Five Effective Ways to Strategically Partner with Your Executive Admin

Executive Admin

Leadership often takes laser-sharp focus, diligence, a growth mindset, and the ability to learn from mistakes. Another common characteristic of great leaders is a mild to severe desire to control responsibilities in all aspects. While this preference makes sense, seeing as leaders are to blame (and praise) at the end of the day, the fact remains: if we try to do it all, we will always have to do it all. Taking on too many tasks, especially those that can be easily delegated, reduces our ability to be productive and effective. Most executives are aware that there is nothing more rewarding than finding an executive admin they can trust to act as an extension of themselves. As an executive, finding someone who is passionate about their work will not only make both parties look good, it will also free up time to meet their best potential. They will have the opportunity to focus on essential priorities and double their efforts to maximize their potential. That is strong leadership at its best. 


Once trust is built and the professional relationship is underway, the goal is to focus on its sustainment and overall progression. Thus, strategically partnering with an executive admin has many benefits that can contribute to long-lasting, healthy, and a mutually beneficial relationship. 


Here are five ways to do just that:


Plan Together.  When determining the next steps in reaching organizational objectives, it is also helpful to paint a clear picture of what success looks like in both the leadership and supportive role. This can be easily accomplished by setting time aside to strategize how each party’s professional goals can be reached in order to uplift and support one another on a gainful path of career development. For example, an executive may have a personal goal of developing a more profound social media presence, while an executive admin has been spending time learning more about creating compelling video story content on Instagram. Sounds like a match made in heaven.


Be open about preferences. While it is important for the executive admin to be properly trained on what the executive prefers and expects in day-to-day procedures, two-way communication can help further the functionality of the relationship. Sharing specific travel preferences with an executive admin can help an executive skip the hassle of determining the most cost and time-effective travel options. Leaving this task up to an admin allows each to focus on doing what they love best!


Equip them with the right tools and let them go! Setting an executive admin up with the latest software and resources utilized by your company not only creates consistency in processes and procedures, but it also saves time and money on training and internal task allocation. Executive admins are ready-made members of your team who are quick studies, well-trained, and up to date on industry trends. Handing over your passwords and responsibilities such as calendar management, inbox curation, and email marketing are some of the best ways to partner with admins and begin chipping away at that growing to-do list.


Develop Trust. Assigning authority to your admin to act as an extension of you when you are not available while learning to delegate responsibly is a great way to develop trust on both ends. Timeular is a great tool for identifying where you are spending the most time and determining which tasks your admin could take off your plate. The more responsibilities that are delegated, the more opportunities your admin will have to gain your trust. What a beautiful cycle! 


Provide Active and Timely Feedback. Scheduling regular performance reviews, giving praise, providing honest feedback, and giving clear instructions are all habits for developing a successful strategic partnership with your admin. When seeking continuous improvement, these are great ways to create effective plans of action with your admin, all the while enjoying the benefit of having more time to dedicate to your individual projects.

When it comes to leadership, knowing when to delegate is almost as important as learning when to assume responsibility for the tasks ahead of you. Contact us today to learn how an experienced admin can become your silent partner on your journey to maximizing your highest potential

Five Effective Ways to Strategically Partner with Your Executive Admin
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