Graduate from Calendly, Humanize Your Brand

Technology has transformed the way we run our businesses, build our brands, and manage client interactions. Automation not only saves time, it builds professional rapport with tools in place to simplify the appointment-booking process.

We’ve all been there. Fumbling through a planner. Accidental double-booking. Endless back and forth via emails and texts, trying to get a meeting confirmed on the calendar. This is where we recommend taking advantage of tools to increase productivity.

There are excellent calendar scheduling tools out there, including Calendly. However, there’s some balance required here – you don’t want to be so far removed from the potential client process, that the client misses out on
you… the person they want to do business with.

Here’s how to best utilize a calendar schedule creator, without leaving your business feeling cold.

Nothing beats the impact of a warm, personal touch.

Simply put, companies that lack human interaction in the initial stages of the customer inquiry process, risk losing potential customers to a competitor that does. This is where hiring an outsourced admin is your best move.

For example, an unexpected conflict just came up in the calendar work schedule. A last-minute email could rub your client the wrong way. Instead, utilize an empathetic call from an executive assistant to relay the request. It will feel more sincere, and be better received. The same applies for accommodating last-minute client meeting requests. We’d like to see Calendly do that!

How does an Outsourced Admin know what to do?

At Hamilton Raye, we provide comprehensive questionnaires to learn scheduling preferences and layouts. Are you comfortable with back-to-back meetings, or do you prefer to have a break? Are there specific individuals or clients where meetings should be prioritized? Is there a meeting hour maximum per day? What about your calendar for scheduling employees?

From there, we build a standard operating procedure that empowers us to make decisions on your behalf. Your scheduling and rescheduling needs are quickly handled personally and professionally by executive admin experts. An impersonal link just doesn’t know your habits and preferences.

When is the right time to outsource an admin?

The right time is now. Your business is growing, your time is more valuable than ever… let’s elevate the value of your team and interactions in order to reach future goals. Not having the right processes in place can cost you big.

While a calendar scheduling tool is an excellent way to automate certain processes, a human touch is still invaluable to cultivating relationships. Our executive admins are dependable, reliable, and committed to running your schedule flawlessly. Consider this an investment in maintaining professionalism, excellence and growth – while giving yourself time back in the day.

Graduate from Calendly, Humanize Your Brand
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