How to Become 50% More Effective Outsourcing Work

Becoming more effective in your business

It is said that the right mixture of open communication, clear expectations, and a clear vision of objectives can make a team unstoppable. Leading a business includes long hours, continuous planning, and tons of administrative work. When faced with a barrage of grueling project deadlines, ongoing client follow-up, and strategic planning, administrative duties can be easily overlooked and averted. But it is often the timely completion of those duties that have a substantial impact on the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Consider hiring an outsourced admin™ to join your team and assist with your administrative tasks for 10 hours per week. The average leader works and an average of 60 hours or more during any given workweek. By delegating your administrative tasks for just 40 hours per month, you could reclaim 16% of your time to focus on growing and developing your business. Now think about all the things you could accomplish with an extra 40 hours per month. If focused correctly, that time can be used to attract and sign a new client, fill out a grant application to fund your business initiatives, or boost your personal monthly productivity by working smarter, not harder.

Delegating the proper tasks to your executive admin can result in triaged calls and emails, quicker responses to clients and prospects, and increased availability for growth opportunities. The return on your investment is higher because outsourcing services does not require the provision of benefits, paid time off, or professional development hours. Outsourced admins have personally invested in their own training, expertise, and skillsets. In their focus to anticipate and supply your needs, they are ready to represent you in your absence and provide their professional feedback, whenever needed. As your gatekeeper, they are equipped to handle new client inquiries quickly and effectively, provide devoted customer service to your existing clients, and act on your behalf to make informed decisions that support your mission, vision, and values.

Hesitant to delegate too much too quickly? Taking the time to build a trusting relationship with your executive admin through communication, observation, and setting clear expectations can result in great outcomes. After working with you closely, your admin will gain the experience necessary to take additional tasks off your plate. Over time, they will be armed with ample knowledge of your business processes and operations in order to provide an excellent client experience you have come to be known for. It sounds like the perfect time to schedule a conference, trip, or even better – a well-deserved vacation.

An experienced executive admin can add value to your team and your organization by representing you, making daily decisions, and assuming new responsibilities that result in an overall return on a smart investment. If you are interested in learning more ways adding an executive admin to your team can help you gain more efficiency in your business, please contact us today to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

How to Become 50% More Effective Outsourcing Work
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