8 Pro Work From Home Tips To Maintain Productivity Throughout The Day

Pro Work from Home Tips

Some have years of experience working remotely and are accustomed to the ups, downs, and many whirlwinds involved with making our home our office. As for the rest, it may feel as if you’ve been airdropped into this situation haphazardly. Add the combination of homeschooling kids, meeting deadlines, and an overall shift in our organizational dynamic, and things can feel off-kilter, to put it mildly.

As a fully remote business, we have experienced it all, so we’ve comprised a list of best practices and pro tips for working from home to assist you in making your transition to a successful remote operation as smooth as possible.

Pro Tip 1: Wake up early, shower and get dressed as usual. As tempting as it is to sleep in, roll out of bed and get to work, it doesn’t do much for your worth ethic. Working from home should include maintaining a normal routine to help set a proper regimen and boost productivity.

Pro Tip 2: Create a specific, quiet, clutter-free workspace. Set up shop in a low-traffic area that is neat and orderly. Have everything you need within arm’s length in order to cut back on interruptions.

Pro Tip 3: Put your phone on airplane mode and use noise-canceling earbuds if there is background noise. In order to eliminate distractions, consider using the airplane mode feature on your phone throughout periods of the day to block specific notifications and alerts. Using noise-canceling earbuds to play music can help increase your focus while working in noisy environments.

Pro Tip 4: Structure your day as if you were in your office space. Utilize your calendar to plan your day, schedule a lunch break, and be sure to get up frequently to stretch your legs. Also, remember to hydrate frequently and avoid excessive snacking.

Pro Tip 5: Attack your big-ticket items first. Make sure you understand your goals for the day and sort them by priority to ensure the most important tasks are completed on time.

Pro Tip 6: Schedule video conferences when possible. If you can opt into a virtual meeting rather than over the phone, do so. Maintaining a social connection with co-workers is known to boost morale and productivity.

Pro Tip 7: Provide regular updates for your clients or employer. Open communication allows others to gauge your progress on projects and activities. Regularly contact through messenger, email, and phone calls help with building trust and perceived integrity.

Pro Tip 8: Have a definitive start and finish time. Set boundaries for yourself to prevent burnout. Working too long can be counterproductive and thwart your efforts. Determine how many hours you plan to work and stick to it.

As you face the challenge of learning to manage yourself or your employees while working from home for the first time, you will learn new things about yourself, your work habits, and the changing dynamics of your role. Just remember that millions of people are in this with you and, with time, it will become easier. Good luck!

8 Pro Work From Home Tips To Maintain Productivity Throughout The Day
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