Aaron Christoper “A.C.” Evans, CEO at Drips

His Story

Aaron Christoper “A.C.” Evans is the Co-founder and CEO of Drips, Founders of Conversational Texting®, and the 20th Fastest Growing Company in America on Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500™. When you’re a leader of a high-growth technology company, you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient with your time. When A.C. came to Hamilton Raye he was looking to unlock his highest potential as a founder, father, and husband.

Hamilton Raye created a solution that included removing daily tasks, such as managing travel and his busy calendar. These tasks would normally take him between 7-10 hours per week, which are now used to focus on being an effective executive, father, and husband.


“The coverage and support I receive from Hamilton Raye is more than any full-time employee alone could provide. There is true 24/7 365 coverage, instant responsiveness, unfettered access, but for a fraction of the cost of a salaried employee."
Christina Lopes, Founder The Heart Alchemist

Her Story

Christina is the founder of The Heart Alchemist where she coaches individuals on how to open their heart to heal through her fast-growing YouTube channel, retreats and one on one coaching sessions. 

When Christina came to us her goal was to delegate many tasks that were overwhelming her. Her business was growing quickly and she knew she was going beyond the “solopreneur” path. When searching for support she knew she would need strategic advice on business management and social media and how best to grow and move the business forward.


“I'm very happy with the steady and detailed way in which Hamilton Raye manages their responsibilities within my business. I can trust them, which is something deeply comforting to me, given that I have so much to think about already. So to know that I have a team that can run the day-to-day business is so rewarding to me. I'm very detailed oriented and like to work with a team that values the little things because that's how a successful brand is built.”
Jeff Bradish​, Owner at PawsCLE

His Story

Jeff is the owner of PawsCle a dog daycare, boarding and grooming facility. He has a great staff to handle the day to day operations but was struggling to trust others to build his marketing campaigns through social media and e-mail. Finding someone he could trust to provide logins, passwords and other business details was challenging.

Hamilton Raye created a solution that included removing daily social media management from his plate. These tasks would normally take him between 2-5 hours per week, which now is used to focus on the daily operations and growth of the business.  


“Hamilton Raye has provided me with professional and reliable high trust support to solve my needs in a fast and less expensive avenue than trying to hire someone part-time. I would highly recommend them for any professional tasks that you don't need a full-time employee to support.”
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