Simplify Your Workspace With The Ananda Edit

Simplify your workspace

Who am I and What is the Ananda Edit?

My name is Sara and I am a wife and mom of two little boys. I live in Columbus, Ohio where I teach high school. I love helping others and I focus my time and efforts on sorting and discarding items that don’t serve me or bring me joy or that aren’t useful. This passion for mentally and physically decluttering has inspired me to start my business, The Ananda Edit. It is a professional organizing service that focuses on simple living with a zen twist. Ananda means “bliss” in Sanskrit and that is exactly what I try to bring into any space I work in.

I am a Type-A personality, but I have an inner yogi…so I try to balance the two tendencies as I work alongside my clients. An organized drawer, closet, or room has been found to reduce stress, increase productivity, and provide a more joyful space as well as a calmer life. I genuinely want to help others free up their living and working spaces in order to thrive and focus on business development and growth. Contributing to something this essential gives me energy and personal satisfaction!

What to know about me:

I am a paper-copy type girl, so build-up can happen quite quickly. I like to handwrite notes, provide hard copy resources, and touch and hold items in my hands. In order to command creative control of my working and living space, I make it a habit to recycle and have been opting for a green option whenever I can.

For those who hire me:

My core values as an organizer are compassion, motivation, and support. My clients will receive a judgment-free analysis with a little bit of a push for creating accountability and drive. Changing your organizing habits can be quite a challenge, so I provide added support for my clients and take pride in making their homes more tranquil and efficient! I often joke with them that I act as their personal trainer, therapist, and cleaning lady all wrapped up into one. But overall, I just want to cultivate joy and peace into their everyday living (or work) space.

Services I provide include:

The in-home organization, consulting, personal shopping services, virtual appointments, shredding, and more. I have simplified my process down to as little as 8 simple steps: Purge useless items; throw away old, unused, broken, or excess things; file your current documents; use a desktop system; use a couple of trays to mark your to do’s; be sure to restock essential supplies in a timely manner; add labels to your drawers and files to maximize your efficiency; and lastly, add polish with a plant, a candle, and some natural light!

My Promise to You:

I would never try to convince you to get rid of anything you really want to hold onto! I respect the fact that developing an effective organizational system is a personal project and I recognize and respect every step of the process. I believe that having and showing respect is paramount to achieving emotional and physical balance in your environment.

Sustaining a Simplified Living and Workspace:

Working with an outsourced admin can help support your vision of inhabiting a clean and productive workspace. With administrative support, you can delegate tasks that consume your time and free up your efforts to focus on activities that will generate more income for your business. Hiring Hamilton Raye to help keep you organized helps clear your calendar, shorten your to-do list, and keep you on the task of attacking the big-ticket items on your plate.

Simplify Your Workspace With The Ananda Edit
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