Your Fractional Executive Assistant™

Every package is unique and customized to each individual client. We understand every business has its own needs and preferences and our focus is to learn about you and your business and seamlessly integrate to support your growth.

We wear a lot of hats if there is a task you are looking to hand off, just ask we can support.

Calendar Management

You can share your calendar or provide us with a white-labeled account where we can connect with your team and clients to keep you connected without the hassle of coordinating schedules.

Inbox Curation

Are you receiving 100’s of e-mails a week and need a second set of hands to filter and respond on behalf of you and your business? Your outsourced admin can support in managing your inbox based on a standard operating procedure we collaborate on throughout the on-boarding process.

Travel Planning

Establish your travel preferences in the onboarding period with your outsourced admin and never have the hassle again of researching best flight options or nearby hotels to a conference or retreat again.

Content Management

Feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with the never-ending change of social media algorithms? Let us support you in researching, planning, and scheduling your social media content so you can stay focused on what you do best.


Blog Creation

Are you looking to engage with your audience through blogs or articles but, you don’t have the time for keyword research and content writing? We have content specialists on the team to provide you with unique content to connect with your audience and improve SEO ranking.

E-Mail Marketing

Do you have a monthly e-mail you simply don’t have the time to pull together each month? Let us take that off your plate and we can research ideas and create engaging e-mail campaigns to keep your clients and community engaged.

Document Creation

Do you need a second set of eyes to proofread a document or someone to put information into a professional-looking presentation? We can create, edit, proofread, and more to ensure accuracy and keep your documents looking elevated and professional.

Personal Support

Planning a birthday party or need an electric bill paid? We know running a business can take precious time away from friends and family and we love supporting our clients with paying bills or planning a special activity to allow for more time with the ones they love.

Hamilton Raye Associates in a Meeting

Time Tracking

We track our time down to the minute on a client by client basis.

Did you know it takes 2 - 5 minutes to coordinate and add a meeting to the calendar?

For a busy entrepreneur or executive that could mean a time savings of 5 - 10 hours a week.

It takes on average 7 minutes to create a social or Pinterest post including content, graphics, and scheduling.

If you are posting 3x a day/5x a week this could mean a time savings of 2 - 5 hours a month.

Do you receive 50 to 100
e-mails daily?

Imagine having a trustworthy and reliable admin to review and respond on behalf of you 50% of the time. It can take 1 - 2 minutes to review and respond to an e-mail which could save you 10+ hours a month.

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