Top 3 Travel Hacks for a Busy Business Traveler

Outsourced Admin Travel Hacks

The modern business world moves fast. Time translates into opportunities, opportunities breed success, and success… well, it’s global.

So let’s talk travel, because we know as a busy business professional – you’re going places.

Travel planning services have emerged as invaluable tools for simplifying the complexities of a business trip. It’s more than just one place to another – it’s a delicate balance of optimizing schedules, minimizing disruptions, and maintaining peak productivity while on the move. These “hacks” can serve as a compass, helping you and your team regain control: saving time, money, and avoiding stress.

Hack #1: Build a Profile
This serves as a “cheat sheet” to all of your preferences, neatly saved in one document. You want your admin to feel like an extension of you, right? A travel profile will help them read your mind, essentially… because all of your wants and needs are clearly stated when traveling for business.

You’ll want to include preferred airlines, hotels and ground transportation companies. If you participate in any related rewards programs, make sure your numbers and logins are included.

Also consider preferences. What time of day do you like to fly? Do you prefer an aisle, or a window seat? Where do you like to dine? Will these places require reservations? What time? And for hotels, are there any accommodation must-haves? Concierge service, close proximity to meetings, or Peloton access in the gym – all of these are important factors to share.

Hack #2: Download the Apps
Some of our favorite tools lie within travel apps. When mastering how to search for cheap flights, sign up for fare alert systems like Hopper for notifications on price drops and best times to buy. They predict prices up to a year in advance, and also offer a mobile app for easier access.

Your airline’s mobile app is also a must when planning a business trip! You’ll have easy access to not just your boarding pass; you can also book or rebook your flight, select a seat, get a map of the airport, and track your bags. You can stream the airline’s free inflight entertainment directly on your phone. Many airlines also include features to estimate airport transit time, to make sure you never miss a flight.

One bonus tip: make sure you always clear out your cookies and cache on your preferred browser when planning a business trip. Websites like to track what you’re looking for, and can sometimes use that information to your disadvantage by upping prices due to demand.

Hack #3: Strategize for Success
Your time is valuable. So make sure your admin is using it as effectively and efficiently as possible. Make sure your days are filled as full as you can handle, so you can be “in and out” and make it back in time for the school play.

“When” to travel also benefits from strategy. Take Spring Break for example: if you’re traveling to a client meeting or conference that coincides with that week, make your arrangements involve a Tuesday or Wednesday departure. There will be fewer people traveling those days, and you can lessen your chances of stressful delays.

While searching for flights, looking during odd times like after midnight or on weekdays, will often result in lower travel rates.

Days of the week can also affect budget. Weekend travel (Thursday-Sunday) tends to be more expensive to fly and lodge. If you can avoid those days, you’ll avoid unnecessary extra costs.

Ultimately, mastering these hacks is not just about making travel easier; it’s about reclaiming control, and enhancing productivity and success without all the stress.

We highly recommend sharing these tips with your admin team! Helpful hacks like these are covered in the Hamilton Raye onboarding process, so the next time you need to book a trip, consider including an experienced admin to make the process more manageable. If you’re interested in learning more about how our admins can benefit your brand, click here.

Top 3 Travel Hacks for a Busy Business Traveler
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