An Outsourced Admins™ 5 Top Travel Hacks For The Busy Business Traveler

Outsourced Admin Travel Hacks

If your business requires you to travel frequently, you are familiar with the amount of time and research it takes to find the perfect cost and time-effective options. Avoiding the extended layovers, inflated ticket costs, and undesirable hotel suggestions that are strategically thrown in your path can feel like a proverbial match of dodgeball. We get it. That’s why working with an outsourced admin™ for travel arrangement services is an ideal way to save time, money, and avoid stress.

When tapping into an outsourced admin’s knowledge base of travel hacks and best practices, you will have access to the best ways to travel. Here are a few tried and true tips on how to avoid some of the strain that accompanies frequent business travel:

Hack #1: Clear your cookies and cache when searching for flights. You may have heard that most airline websites store cookies on your browser after you’ve visited their sites. This is their way of studying your search pattern to learn your intentions. Multiple visits signal them to raise their prices to indicate the flight is in high demand. This little trick is designed to prevent you from leaving their site again without making a purchase. Searching with an incognito browser can also prevent this type of trickery from happening.

Hack #2: Be strategic about when you conduct your flight search. Searching for flights at odd times like after midnight and on weekdays can positively affect the travel rates you observe. Turns out the demand lowers at those off-peak hours and puts the leverage in the consumer’s hands. So, grab an energy drink and break out your company card to catch some reasonable flight prices.

Hack #3: Be strategic about when to travel. The best thing about traveling for your business is it’s usually not during weekends or holidays. But if you’re traveling to a client meeting or conference that coincides with spring break, be sure to make arrangements that will at least involve a Tuesday or Wednesday departure. Weekend travel, which includes Thursday through Monday, tend to be the more expensive days to fly and lodge. If those days are avoidable, try your best to do so.

Hack #4: Sign up for fare alert systems like Hopper for notifications on price drops. You have better things to do other than manually monitoring a flight or hotel for a price decrease. Instead, you can easily bookmark them through a site with price predicting tools like Hopper and get notified once the price drops to your desired range. They predict prices up to a year in advance and also offer a mobile app for easier access.

Hack #5: Download your airline’s mobile app for easier travel. It’s amazing how many travelers are still printing out boarding passes and checking clumsy bags at airline hubs. With the complimentary mobile app, you can book or rebook your flight, select your seat, store your boarding pass, get a map of the airport, and track your bags. You can also stream the airline’s free inflight entertainment directly on your phone. There’s also a feature that tracks the driving time to the airport to ensure you arrive on time.

Outsourced admins™ create a database with your personalized travel preferences, authorizing them to easily make arrangements on your behalf. The next time you need to book a trip, consider including an experienced admin to make your experience more manageable and enjoyable.

An Outsourced Admins™ 5 Top Travel Hacks For The Busy Business Traveler
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