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Hamilton Raye is a community of detail-oriented thinkers, visionaries, and enthusiastic multitaskers dedicated to bringing elevated solutions to modern small business owners. We've always known that the role of an Executive Assistant transcends administrative tasks—we are the architects of efficiency, the guardians of time, and the catalysts for success. We strive to employ and recruit strategic thought partners who treat our client's vision as their own. Because the journey to success is a collaborative one, and the right hire can make all the difference.

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Our Values

Hamilton Raye Values Illustrated through line art.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide founders, CEOs, leadership teams, and solopreneurs with dependable, professional, and trustworthy support, enabling them to efficiently manage and grow their organizations.

Our Vision

We are here to create accessibility for all-size businesses to an experienced Executive Assistant.

The Difference

Our experienced professionals seamlessly integrate into your team, ensuring unparalleled assistance that facilitates effective management and growth of your organization.

Meet the Team

Amanda Hamilton Headshot
Founder & CEO
Ashima Thomas Headshot
Onboarding Specialist
Lin Li Headshot
Operations Coordinator
Kate Krieg Headshot
Client Success Specialist
Andrea Long Headshot
Client Success Specialist
Tanelle Smith Headshot
Client Success Specialist
Bridget Harmon Headshot
Dedicated Executive Assistant
Javon Hilaire Headshot
Dedicated Executive Assistant
Tucker Lehman Headshot
Dedicated Executive Assistant
Molly McMonigle Headshot
Dedicated Executive Assistant
Sara Peace Headshot
Dedicated Executive Assistant
Drea Scannell Headshot
Dedicated Executive Assistant
Jennifer Lehman Headshot
Support Assistant
Nicole Bergman Headshot
Graphic Design Specialist
Julie Onstot Headshot

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